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My name is Victor Pody and I am a freelance photographer from Melbourne, Australia.


Soon after receiving my first camera as a child I realised that aviation photography was my one true passion and dedicated all my spare time as a child at my local Airport (Melbourne Tullamarine).

I take this moment to acknowledge my parents and brother for encouraging me and taking me out to the Airport many times as a child.

With the thanks of many great photographer friends over the years, I was able to expand my boundaries and gather everything required to capture incredible moments in aviation history.

I have taken all the skills and tricks of the trade I have learnt, improved them and used them to my advantage.

I also occasionally photograph nature scenes (sunsets, animals) as well as portraits and special events. Please email me about this service. This is usually on a needs basis.

I've been taking photos for most of my life and have a strong passion for aviation photography. I attempt to find an image that is breath taking in nature, stimulates conversation and is unique. I have explored the world several times to capture images. During 2014 I made the trip to Saint Maarten in the Caribbean (spotters heaven) to experience what I have wanted to do all my life. Fence surfing a 747-400's jet blast was the ultimate experience. All images are featured on the respective websites featured within my website.

I enjoy my work and therefore the aviation images I capture are a reflection of this, high quality images for all to see. I have also taken publicity photographs for Virgin Blue Airlines when they first commenced operations several years ago and have developed a bond with many aviation employees/companies over the years. I have supplied many aviation companies and associated businesses with my images.

Some of my photos have made "TOP OF THE WEEK, MONTH and YEAR" status. All photos featured on this website and the other sites I have my photos published on are "FOR SALE". Please email me for price details and options for print sizes. JPEGS of the photos seen on the websites are also available for sale. Enjoy the photos and feel free to leave a comment via email.

As of recent times my work has been published in many worldwide aviation magazines, printed journals for companies and as box art for the Herpa Model Aircraft company in Germany. Companies "please note" that prices will vary depending on the demand and application of each photograph.

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I have artwork on display at the TAA (Trans Australia Airlines) Museum at Airport West, Victoria. Model aircraft painted in the Aboriginal colours "Wunala Dreaming and Nalanji Dreaming" are on display. A model of TAA's Central Australian 727-200 Uluru design is also another piece of art that I completed and donated to the museum. I also have photos on display at the Museum. My photographic work is also on display at the Air Ambulance Facility at Mascot Airport.

I also specialise in landscape photography as well as event photography such as special functions and publicity photos for websites. I try to create an image that makes a statement.·

I have attended all of the "Airshows Downunder" since 1992. My photographic work also has appeared in an international aviation magazine "Airliners" and “Airliner World”. I was listed as a staff photographer for "Airliners magazine" back in the mid 90’s.

To inquire about prints, licensing images for commercial, editorial, personal, stock, or any other usage or if you want to hire my skills·for a freelance assignment, please send an email via the contact button above with your request and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the aviation and general photography industry.

Currently I am the administrator of the following Facebook groups “MELBOURNE AIRCRAFT SPOTTERS GROUP” and “JUST PLANE CRAZY AUSTRALIA”. You are welcome to join both groups! The links are provided for you.

Once again thanks for visiting and I look forward to providing you with the best photographic service possible.

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